More Than Just a Cameo – Stan Lee’s Mighty 7

Stan Lee has his first starring role! In a new animated series Lee plays himself, a writer who sees “seven aliens crash in the desert” who he then has to “teach how to behave.” In the preview below, Lee tells the rest of the tale of his interactions with the two star marshals and the five fugitive aliens in their custody. The movie airs on … Continue reading More Than Just a Cameo – Stan Lee’s Mighty 7

Sleepy Hollow’s Abbie should be replaced by Jenny

Sleepy Hollow has the potential to be Fall 2013’s breakout hit sensation. It has already been renewed for a second season and has drawn in a large audience but it has flaws. It’s greatest flaw falls into the casting of Nicole Beharie as Abbie. The show is anchored around Ichabod and Abbie and there is absolutely no chemistry between these two characters.  Abbie is a boring … Continue reading Sleepy Hollow’s Abbie should be replaced by Jenny

Netflix guide

I have binge watched a few shows on Netflix and here are my recommendations for some of the better shows available right now. 1. Orange is the New Black: A show set in a women’s prison that will hit you with some unexpected emotional moments, a few laughs, and leave you yearning for season 2 yesterday! 2. Continuum: A Scifi show that is filled with crime drama, action, … Continue reading Netflix guide

Baby, Please!

A Different World was a show that was special to me growing up. I loved seeing a cast that looked like me. Growing up in in the 80’s and 90’s very few shows on network TV had Black characters, let alone a cast that was ENTIRELY Black. Not much has changed unfortunately. Nevertheless, A Different World was one of the shows that left an impact … Continue reading Baby, Please!