Egyptians played by actors of color in new TV series

Yes, you read that correctly. Fox is airing a new show, Hieroglyph, in 2014 set in  ancient Egypt where the actors are actually brown skinned people. The day has finally arrived! No more fair-skinned Egyptians in the tradition of Liz Taylor (Cleopatra) and Rachel Weisz (The Mummy). Fox is making a bold move and I am excited about about it. I hope this sets a … Continue reading Egyptians played by actors of color in new TV series

New shows to watch in 2014

Intelligence: Tues. Jan. 7th at 9p CBS (Regular slot Mon Jan. 13th at 10p) Josh Holloway, aka Sawyer from LoST, stars in this new crime thriller about a super agent who has a microchip implanted into his brain that turns him into a living computer. He is partnered with an agent that will protect him from various agencies that seek to capture him and utilize … Continue reading New shows to watch in 2014

My Favorites of 2013

Movie: Pacific Rim This action packed movie is the film I have been waiting for my whole life. Giant man-operated robots (mecha) fighting giant alien monsters, ummm, YES! This movie was filled with great battle scenes and even hit me in the gut with a surprise emotional scene that actually moved me, a very rare occurrence. I loved this movie and it is in my … Continue reading My Favorites of 2013

Almost Human: Just another buddy cop show

I wanted to like Almost Human. I really did. But I don’t. It is set in 2048, it has Androids, it has great technological advances but it is completely and utterly lacking in giving the audience more than a weekly dose of solving a crime and moving on in a typical TV crime solving drama fashion. Snooze alert. They could have done so much. They … Continue reading Almost Human: Just another buddy cop show

The Walking Dead: The Episode We Deserved

Obviously some episodes have been worse than others but this season has been a roller coaster ride. They teased us with some zombie hoardes and new sickness but the action has been much slower than in the previous seasons. I feel like the story is finally moving forward. Carol , Judith, and Herschel are gone and they have FINALLY left the safety of the prison. … Continue reading The Walking Dead: The Episode We Deserved

Sticky post

Scifigasm Comic Book Forum

Love comic books? Have you been a reader for years or are just starting out? Would like to discuss the latest news or get nostalgic with other readers? Head on over to the Scifigasm Comic Book Forum and talk about it all from DC versus Marvel to good and bad TV/Movie adaptations to sexiest characters. Just be respectful of other commenters and don’t forget to … Continue reading Scifigasm Comic Book Forum

The Women of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.LD

These actresses are a mix of tested talent and rising stars, not to mention they are smokin’ hot to boot. They will undoubtedly give fanboys to get excited about.  Seeing as this is a Joss Whedon production, fangirls will have some serious role models as well. The show premieres on Tuesday September 24th at 8/7c on ABC. If you want to join in a live chat … Continue reading The Women of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.LD