Saved by the Bell – The Comic

As a kid who grew up watching Saved by The Bell and the antics of Zack Morris and crew I am both shocked and hestitantly excited that Lion Forge is turning the TV series into a comic. The news I came across was on the publisher’s facebook page and had a brief snippet of info:


I identified with Lisa Turtle as the only Black girl in a group of friends who was seen and treated as normal. I understood Jessie’s desire to want to save the world and fight for equal rights as a woman. I empathized with Kelly’s struggle to be perfect. Slater was the guy I loved to hate. Screech was a guy my heart broke for because he just couldn’t get the girl of his dreams. Zack was the kid I wish I could be with his slacking & prank pulling.


I hope the comic captures the essence of the show’s wit and charm without ruining a childhood favorite. There were always lessons to be learned and the return of the freshman year of the crew should be an interesting journey to embark upon.

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