Mark Millar’s Nemesis: The Villain that deserves a movie

Villains are the interesting characters. I have often hoped for the villain to win ever since I was a child. They have the great plans. They make the stories move. They give the “real” protagonists something to overcome and fight against. Without villains most stories would not even exist. This is especially true in comics. Nemesis was suggested to me by someone who knows what I like and thought that I would truly love reading it and he was completely right.


Nemesis is the villain I have been waiting for. Cold. Calculating. Brilliant. Motivated by nothing but causing chaos and inflicting pain. Nemesis was one of the most enjoyable jaw-dropping reads I have experienced in a long time. It is only a four issue comic but it is totally engrossing. A complete page turner and interest-piquer.  Yes, it is so great, I have to make up word to describe its amazingness.

The depth of writing and story telling that Mark Millar put into Nemesis in such a short series is mind-blowing. This NEEDS to be a movie.  To have a full length feature film focusing on the greatness of the ingenuity of Nemesis’ plan would break the box offices worldwide. Critical acclaim would be unquestioned. Audience reception would not be in doubt for one second. That is, if they stick to the comic in the adaptation. From the opening scene of Nemesis the to the final amazing surprise, this comic is just utter GREATNESS.  Nemesis is the villain that the world needs to see on the big screen. He is a villain to put all other villains to shame. The plans that Nemesis masterminds and the story created by Millar and Steven McNiven in this comic are noteworthy for the sheer evilness and lack of shame or remorse. As Nemesis says, “Crime is awesome and so am I.”

Nemesis is THE villain for villain lovers.

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