Almost Human: Just another buddy cop show

I wanted to like Almost Human. I really did. But I don’t. It is set in 2048, it has Androids, it has great technological advances but it is completely and utterly lacking in giving the audience more than a weekly dose of solving a crime and moving on in a typical TV crime solving drama fashion. Snooze alert.

They could have done so much. They could have gone in depth with the stories. They could have used flashbacks to show how the world has acclimated to all these new technological advances. Instead they have given us a trite and boring buddy cop show. Oh some crime happened this week let’s go solve it! To the car Android buddy, away! BORING!

Give us a story arc with SOMETHING anything to tie the episodes together. Give us an enemy that you have to defeat. Give us a resistance force like in Demolition Man or Contiuum on Syfy. Give us a mastermind villain that is trying to exploit the androids for profit or undermind the use of them to police the world. Give us better writing than the old straight man buddy cop routine juiced up with Android cop meets cold-hearted cop with Android body parts.


They have built an entire world to play with and they fall back on old tired writing tropes that are just boring. Ok, there are sex bots, tell us how that impacted sexually transmitted disease, prostitution, sex crimes etc. There are devices that can change your face and hide your identity, only one group of thieves has used them? O-kay. How are they regulated and manufactured? GIVE US MORE! Or shut it down!


I love robots and Androids and scifi and I really was hoping this show would be interesting but it is just a snooze-fest.

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