Avengers Arena: Murder World – A Superhero Hunger Games

So, if you were a teen with super powers and were suddenly teleported to a world with other teens who also possessed super powers and told to fight for 30 days until only one survivor was left, would you play the game as a hero, villain, or survivor?
That is the question posed in Avengers Arena: Murder World.
We see the kids placed into this world by the villain Arcade in the first issue and see them struggle to understand the game and themselves throughout the ensuing issues.


It is a FUN and intriguing read. I read all the issues in one day. I just couldn’t stop. I didn’t find myself liking any characters more than any of the others but I was enthralled to see their interactions and decisions.
Alliances were formed and self-preservation played a part yet the ultimate thing that held my attention was seeing who would survive.

Part of me feels that if I possessed the powers of a certain character or two I would just take everyone out and end the game ASAP.

There is another part that feels I would just sit and wait it out until day 30 and see what would happen if we didn’t fight each other.


These questions are hard to answer without actually being in the situation,  regardless of how fake it is. That is the beauty of these stories, we get to look at ourselves and ask: Would I play the game and How would I handle this improbable situation?
Of course, some will say this is just a Hunger Games version of the Avengers teens. Ok, sure but it is a cool read and I enjoyed it. There are surprises and a definite setup for another series with some of these characters that I look forward to reading.

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